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Freedom Excursions honors and respects our client’s privacy. Confidentiality & Privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Our drivers are trained and are aware of the understanding of we do not share your name, guests name(s), address, events or contract details without your prior approval. “What happens on the bus, stays on the bus!”
                                                                                                                                           - Bill Scully, Owner

Freedom Excursions maintains the content displayed within this web site.

Whenever you browse our web site, you may do so with anonymity. We do not attempt to mine any personal information about you or your family beyond the standard information that the Internet sites use to operate. In addition, we will never ask any questions beyond those needed in order to conduct business with our guests. Freedom Excursions will always act in accordance with legislation and the standard best practices for providing personal data.

On occasion, we will use photography, testimonials and other similar information on our web site and within our marketing materials. Please know that whenever we do this, our guests provide the information, with permission. We will never show any personal information publicly, without permission.

Every business has business partners. Freedom excursions is no different. We work with companies to produce numerous forms of marketing materials. Please understand that whenever we provide information that may depict something personal about a guest, that our business partners understand that these materials are private and may only be used for Freedom Excursions purposes.